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May 3, 2016

Bret Hart Talks Catching Up With Triple H, “We Had More Laughs Than Anything About Ric Flair”

We met and we talked but it was nothing special. If anything it was just more about our health. We had some more laughs than anything about Ric Flair and stuff like that. Triple H was very cordial to me and treated me like a million bucks. He treated me great and I have no complaints about anything. He treated me really good and so did Stephanie for that matter. With Stephanie I felt that she was honestly or genuinely worried about me when I had the cancer. I think she was just really glad to see me. Maybe it was the same with Triple H. That can never be a bad thing. I sensed a lot of sincerity there on everyone’s part. From Vince down to Triple H to Shane. Shane was very gracious and had some really nice things to say about me that I had forgot about. I was a very protective guy of Shane years ago when he was just a young guy in the business. I looked out for him a lot and I think it was nice for him to tell me that. That he never forgot how much I looked out for him and protected him from a lot of the vices and evils that were lurking about in pro wrestling.

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