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May 3, 2016

Update on Ryback’s Current WWE Contract Dispute, His Original WWE Raw Plans, Reported Meeting with Vince McMahon & More

As noted last night, Ryback is currently amidst some type of contract dispute with WWE, and The Big Guy was subsequently sent home from Raw in St. Louis last night and is off WWE TV indefinitely. Ryback was scheduled to participate in the U.S. Title #1 contenders Battle Royal match on Raw last night, but that of course did not happen after he was sent home.

According to F4WOnline.com, multiple WWE sources are confirming Ryback, real name Ryan Reeves, is indeed involved in a contract dispute with WWE, and it could possibly stem from comments Ryback made while WWE was on tour in Dubai.

While WWE was in the UAE, Ryback was pretty outspoken in an interview with radio personality Myles, which you can watch in the video above. During the interview, Ryback vents his frustration with his spot on the past two WrestleMania cards, and according to Dave Meltzer, while wrestlers talk privately about their frustrations all the time, it’s not considered a good career move to speak out publicly unless you are an untouchable top level star in WWE.

Ryback reportedly met with Vince McMahon yesterday afternoon about renewing his contract, which expires this summer. Ryback apparently was not happy with the offer which was presented, with Meltzer adding the two sides were very far apart on money. The discussion ended with McMahon suggesting that Ryback go home, to which Ryback agreed.

Ryback also seemed to take somewhat of a shot at his current spot in WWE when he wore a “pre-show stopper” belt as part of his WWE Payback ring gear. Ryback also mocked Chicago native CM Punk during his PPV entrance, as Punk previously made negative comments about The Big Guy during an appearance on Colt Cabana’s podcast.

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