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May 14, 2016

Chyna’s Final Days Filmed for Documentary, Footage Shows Her Bruised From Possible Drunken Fall

– TMZ released another report on some of the details that have come out regarding the former WWE Superstar Chyna and the days before her recent tragic passing. According to the report, Chyna recorded several videos for a documentary where she appeared to be incredibly troubled and intoxicated.

The videos showed an inebriated Chyna who had some severe bruising and a gash over her right eye. According to filmmaker Rob Potylo, Chyna claimed the wounds were from a champagne bottle attack at a liquor store. However, Potylo believes she injured herself in a drunken fall and did not want to admit it. The filmmaker was reportedly concerned when he saw the videos and informed Chyna’s attorney to try and get her help.

The report also mentions that Chyna’s team reached out to WWE to possibly help get her into rehab, but Chyna passed away before the details could be worked out.

Speaking on Chyna, Potylo stated, “I love her and miss her dearly every day.” He also admitted that the videos were cries for help, and he feels terrible that they weren’t able to save her. You can view a video clip Chyna released shortly before she passed away that was embedded by TMZ’s report by clicking here.

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