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May 14, 2016

Breakdown of Triple H's 2015 WWE Income

In 2015, Hunter earned a total of $1.713 million as a WWE talent, up from $1.647 million in 2014, but down from $1.868 million in 2013.

Hunter also earns salary as a WWE executive. In 2015, his base salary was set at $577,500 – his official earnings were $573,269.

The base salary will increase to $606,375 in 2016 after the executive team surpassed key performance goals in 2015.

Hunter also earned “incentive plan compensation” of $526,000, nearly doubling last year’s bonus of $283,140.

Triple H’s 2015 Earnings

$1,713,360 million as talent
$573,269 as executive (fixed compensation)
$526,000 bonus (variable compensation)
TOTAL PAY: $2.812 million

Hunter was also awarded performance stock units (PSUs) valued at $299,995, which is considered long-term equity incentive compensation, as part of WWE’s accounting disclosure.

This brought his total 2015 compensation package to $3.112 million, as disclosed in WWE’s total value table.

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