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May 13, 2016

Triple H Talks WWE Wellness Policy, Trying To Help People Who Make Bad Decisions After Leaving WWE

As previously noted, 98 FM Dublin recently interviewed WWE's Triple H to promote NXT's upcoming UK tour. Among other things, Triple H talked about WWE's Talent Wellness Program.

'The King Of Kings' said that the WWE Talent Wellness Program is one of the finest health and wellness policies in the world.

"We're a show, but the physicality of it is very real and we have a very advanced and probably one of the best in the world health and wellness programs for our athletes and our talent. And we're very serious about trying to keep them in the best shape possible and them staying in the best shape possible, but the physicality is real and you know that going in. You try to take the most risks possible. The thing about our business is the intent is to try to make it look as painful as possible and make it actually be as painless as possible and that's a fine line, but you do the best that you can."

Triple H added that while WWE tries to assist former talents as much as possible, those individuals are ultimately responsible for their own lives. 'The Game' went on to say that current WWE talents are subject to strict heart, concussion, and drug testing.

"It's tough when people leave WWE. What they do with their lives, how they live their lives, you unfortunately can't control that for everybody. And, unfortunately, lots of people in life, in any profession, make bad personal decisions. And we try to help people as much as we can, but, at the end of the day, people are responsible for their own personal decisions they make in their [lives]. But when you're working with WWE, when you are one of our talents and our athletes, you are part of a very stringent testing program, not only for drugs, but it's a wellness program, it's a health and wellness program that involves cardiac testing, concussion protocols, drug testing, every gamut of it. We want our athletes to be as absolutely healthy as possible at all times while they're working for us."

source: wrestlinginc.com

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