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May 11, 2016

Dana White Responds To UFC Sale Reports

As noted, Darren Rovell of ESPN reported this evening that the UFC was in "advanced talks" to sell the promotion. According to the report, at least four bidders have submitted offers to purchase the company, including WME/IMG, The Blackstone Group, China Media Capital and Dalian Wanda Group. It was noted that the winning bid will be in the $3.5 billion - $4 billion range, with the Chinese-based Dalian Wanda Group being in the lead. UFC President Dana White responded to the report, telling The Las Vegas Review Journal that the story is "overblown."

"The UFC is not for sale," White said. "The ESPN story is overblown. Darren Rovell is not a fan of facts. His facts could not be further off."

Rovell responded to White on Twitter, writing:

LOL: @danawhite says UFC is not for sale and that I'm not a "fan of facts." We had 5 independent sources on this.

Hey @danawhite, once you hire an investment back to give out your financials, it's hard to say you're not for sale.

We had three different independent sources that said that UFC volunteered a full year EBITDA of in between $200M & $250M to investors.

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