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June 22, 2016

Backstage Update on WWE Contacting Past Names for the Brand Split, News on Changes Within NXT and the Performance Center, More

Numerous changes are expected to take place in WWE NXT and at the Performance Center when the brand split takes place next month.

Additionally, WWE has reportedly reached out to several names from the past regarding returns to the company for the brand split, and rumored names WWE has contacted include Goldberg, Carlito, Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle, Tommy Dreamer, MVP, Rey Mysterio and more.

According to PWInsider.com, not all of the names WWE is contacting will be for in-ring roles, as Stevie Richards was a name mentioned however if he does return it will likely be in a coaching capacity at the Performance Center.

When the brand split does take place, it is expected that some of the coaches and Performance Center staff will be called up to the main roster, so there will be Performance Center spots which will need to be filled.

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