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July 10, 2016

Brock Lesnar Victorious in Return Fight at UFC 200; Addresses Fans in Passionate Post-Fight Speech

The “Beast Incarnate” is back, and he is NOT messing around. Brock Lesnar, the former UFC Heavyweight Champion of the world, returned to MMA this weekend at UFC for his first fight since 2011, defeating “Super Samoan” Mark Hunt by unanimous decision after three rounds.

Wanting to avoid the stand-up game of a knock-out specialist, Lesnar spent the majority of the fight taking Hunt to the ground, reigning down with rights and lefts in the first round as the clock ticked down. The second round was fairly uneventful, with Hunt able to mostly avoid Brock’s ground game, and no significant damage being done. In the third and final round, Hunt came out strong with a right hook, but once again WWE’s most dominant athlete took him down, slowly destroying his opponent with a flurry of rights of rights and lefts to the head to cement his victory.

Following the fight, Lesnar shook off questions about a second fight, instead speaking passionately to the American people, rallying them to come together. Brock thanked the fans in attendance and the men and women in uniform all around the country stating, “from sea to shining sea, from one white boy to all nationalities, we gotta stand together.”

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