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July 10, 2016

Triple H and Vince McMahon react to Brock Lesnar's win over Mark Hunt

Brock Lesnar hasn't competed in the UFC for over 4 years, but with his impressive win over Hunt, he managed to still cement himself well within the top 10 best heavyweights in the world. It was an incredible feat, and his performances also had his WWE colleagues excited about the news.

Moments after UFC 200, ESPN spoke to both Triple H and Vince McMahon about the victory.

"To come back after all this time, and put on that kind of performance, speaks to the once in a lifetime type of athlete that Brock is," Triple H said.

Vince McMahon on the other hand, stated that "Brock is the most formidable combat athlete in the history of the country."

Watch the clip above where former UFC contender Chael Sonnen also reacted to these statements. In case you missed the milestone UFC pay-per-view event, you can still watch video from the heavyweight contest here.

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