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July 15, 2016

Christy Hemme Compares Triple H To Hulk Hogan; Talks Working With Stephanie McMahon

Christy says HHH gives to everyone while Hulk Hogan is more about himself:

"Hulk is great for Hulk. Triple H is great for business. You know, as far as like, bringing people in, bringing people up...he was always giving to the people...Hulk is like an icon and he is legendary and he is building his own brand."

What it's really like to work with Stephanie McMahon:

"I really love her. She is so poised and so powerful and as a female...She had worked on a couple of my segments and I was always lost when she was talking to me in the moments because she is really one of those people that she's a really good producer...She's really good at connecting and pulling something out of you that she's looking for...but she's softer in like, she's a warm person. She's a strong person but she's a warm person and she's passionate about the females so she's always fighting for them"

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