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August 24, 2016

Big Show Talks About Criticism Of Triple H’s Marriage To Stephanie McMahon

“Here’s the thing. People give Hunter a lot of crap and say, ‘oh, he married up, he married up’. Let me tell you something. That dude is probably one of the smartest dudes I’ve ever met in my life and you’ve got to think about this. Yes, Stephanie is absolutely beautiful. She’s intelligent. She’s charismatic. She’s driven. She’s Vince’s daughter. She’s going to be a handful if you’re marrying her. Then think about every Sunday dinner sitting across at Sunday dinner at the family dinner table and you’ve got to stare at Vince. I can go home and get away from him. Hunter can’t go anywhere. He [has] always got to be on because Vince is always on. So Hunter is probably the only guy I can think of in my career that I’ve met that is that dedicated, that is that on, that can pull that off. I mean, maybe John [Cena], but John’s different. You know what I mean? Not good or bad. Those are the only two guys that have the ability to function on Vince’s level.”

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