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August 24, 2016

Johnny Gargano On Why They Were Angry With Bobby Roode Over 'Glorious' Theme, HHH Contacting Him

Origin of the Glorious Bombs:

"This is the first time I've told this story on a podcast or anything like that; so we were doing walkthroughs for the Cruiserweight Classic and they played this 'Glorious' song. They played Bobby's [Bobby Roode] song. And we all thought that was going to be the theme song for the show. That was going to be the Cruiserweight Classic theme; that was going to open it. So we all got excited! Like, this is our song! This song rules! This is awesome! So we are all saying, 'Glorious!' and doing hand-motions and saying we should do this, we should do that. And we later find out it's Bobby's song. We immediately are really angry with Bobby. What the heck, that's our song. Why does Bobby get such a cool song?

"So every single time we saw Bobby, we would tell him, 'Oh man, we really want your song.' And every single time we saw him, me and Tommaso would go up to him and be like, 'Glorious! Glorious!' and sing his song to him. So we do that.

"One day I said to Tommaso, when the song got released on YouTube, I said it would be funny if we had a phone, and we played his song and ran up to him playing it and filmed us doing that. I'm more of an idea guy; Tommaso is the more the go and doer guy. He has no filter and will go and do things. So we went up to Bobby and asked him and he was like, 'Yeah, sure. Let's do it.' We filmed one in the gym first, and we had Bobby do a fake rep, and I want to point out that the fake rep Bobby does is with 70-pound dumbbells. He just picks them up and rips them out, no problem. So we filmed that first one and posted it. Then it starts getting blown up online and it's going viral.

"After we posted a few, someone showed us a text message from Triple H, saying 'Tell Gargano and Ciampa I love the Glorious Bombs.' So we are like, if he loves them, we gotta keep doing them. "

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