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August 21, 2016

Recap of Triple H's Facebook Q & A

The following are the highlights of Triple H’s appearance on Facebook Live following the NXT Takeover: Brooklyn II event.

-Cathy Kelley interviewed Triple H backstage at Barclays Center. They both raved about the live special. He said that changing the entire industry last year and to come back and do this tonight shows that NXT is on fire and is getting bigger and bigger. Kelley raved about how NXT sold out Barclays two years in a row.

-Hunter also spoke with pride about taking NXT to Australia and New Zealand. He said WWE Network is everywhere so they can go anywhere. He said they are at a point where they have to pick and choose.

-Kelley asked what Asuka defeating Bayley means for Bayley. “I guess we will see,” Hunter said with a smile. He said Brooklyn is Bayley’s city and she could be the honorary mayor. He said whether she wins or loses, she lights the place on fire. He said the crowd gave her a standing ovation and the people went crazy for her. Hunter said Asuka is on a different level right now and he doesn’t seen anyone touching her in the NXT women’s division anytime soon.

-Kelley mentioned Shinsuke Nakamura becoming the new NXT Champion and how he and Asuka are international talents who hold titles. Hunter said it speaks to the brand. He said everyone wants to be in NXT. “In my opinion, it’s the hottest brand going right now,” he said.

-Kelley asked about the various wrestlers who have been called up to Raw and Smackdown and how it affects NXT. Hunter said that if you look at last year’s show in Brooklyn, the wrestlers who were on it are the main roster of WWE today. He said you’ll see the first NXT Champion Seth Rollins face the longest reigning NXT Champion Finn Balor at SummerSlam. He also mentioned Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte. He said he watched those wrestlers come through NXT and put it on the map. He said he couldn’t be more proud of all of them. He said that when you look at what NXT did this year, it was a completely different group of people. “The talent pool here is as deep as it’s ever been and will continue to be that because we’re going to continue to create the future and the future always evolves,” he said. Hunter said the secret of NXT is that they will always deliver something “new, fresh, and exciting.”

-Hunter went out of his way to mention the Nakamura entrance. “Who would have predicted a violin player, at a WWE event, just lighting the place up?” he asked. Hunter said it was amazing and Nakamura is “just one of those once in a lifetime athletes who can come in and captivate the world.”

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