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August 20, 2016

"Team Chyna" Claims They Are Not Pursuing WWE HOF; At Peace With The McMahons And Triple H

From Chyna's Facebook page:

Going back to Chyna's Memorial, Anthony said it best when he said fans need to know that Team Chyna is not pursuing the WWE Hall of Fame. Chyna never needed a ring to prove that she was the greatest of all time, her fans and her legacy proves that alone. So again guys give the WWE a break, if they decide to put her into their hall of fame that would be great but if they don't thats ok too. Team Chyna wants fans to know that although Chyna is no longer here with us her legacy and memories will be around for years to come and as we move forward and start to build the 9th wonder of the world foundation, open the chyna store, introduce the Documentary of the last year of her life which will prove to be special moments which Chyna fans will absolutely love. We do not choose to fight wwe anymore we are at peace with wwe and the mcmahon family and triple h. Its about putting the past behind us and moving in a positive direction so that we can continue to keep Chyna's memories alive.

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