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August 20, 2016

Why Eva Marie Violated The WWE Wellness Policy, Eva Issues Statement, Plans To Appeal

TMZ reports that Eva Marie tested positive for Adderall, which caused her to violate the WWE Wellness Policy and receive a 30-day suspension.

Eva tells TMZ that she has a prescription for the drug, the same which caused Roman Reigns to violate the Policy earlier this summer. Eva says she's appealing the suspension.

TMZ says their WWE source claims the medication was not properly approved by the company but Eva insists she has a legit prescription from her doctor. She told TMZ:

"I am disappointed that this suspension has occurred, yet understand and respect that WWE upholds their Wellness Policy to the letter and won't compromise on its integrity. I violated policy by not turning in portions of required paperwork in the time frame WWE Medical deemed timely. I look forward to my return!"

I don’t think she has much of a case given that she admitted fault by stating that she failed to provide proper documentation.

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