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August 15, 2016

Rumor Mill - Details on Shawn Michaels Accepting a New WWE PC Job

Shawn Michaels has been offered a full-time role as a coach down at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, to lead talents in their “finishing classes”. HBK was reportedly offered the role to substitute for Terry Taylor, who has been absent from the WWE PC following neck surgery.

PWInsider.com has since updated its story noting a “highly placed source” has informed them the HBK – WWE deal is not yet done, and Michaels is not at the WWE PC today nor is he scheduled to be at the PC this week. Michaels has had two appearances as a guest coach at the PC as of late, and the “ball is in his court” if he wants to accept the full-time job. Apparently the hold up right now is the decision Michaels will have to make to relocate his family from Texas to Florida.

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