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August 29, 2016

Rumor Mill - Dixie Carter Said To Be 'Pretty Much Done' With TNA

On last night's episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer commented on the ownership situation in TNA following the announcement that Billy Corgan is the new President of TNA. Meltzer noted that former TNA President Dixie Carter is pretty much done with the company.

"Dixie's pretty much out of it now," Meltzer said. "She's out of power completely, she is completely out of power no matter what's said, but she may be gone."

Meltzer noted that Dixie was at the last set of television tapings and was there for some of the segments that were filmed, but that she left shortly after that and didn't stay for the whole week. He added that "there were some things said that were not so great about her."

"She's pretty much on her way out," he added.

As noted, Corgan appeared on Vince Russo's podcast last week and discussed his new role with the company. He said that he has an ownership stake with the company, and that it is a "fluctuating situation" that is moving "progressively into the right direction." He said that there are moves being made and that there were all good moves, but would not confirm if Dixie still owned a majority stake or not.

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