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September 26, 2016

Billy Corgan Reveals Big TNA Change He Would Make, Talks Wanting To See CM Punk Wrestle Again, More

TNA's Billy Corgan spoke with ESPN this week and revealed that a full-length movie focusing on the current "Broken" Hardys saga is in the works. He did not elaborate on those plans. Corgan also revealed that if he purchases the company, his first order as owner would be to change the company name so they can truly move on into a new era. The full interview is at this link and below are highlights:

TNA using former WWE stars:

"Many times in the past, TNA has made the mistake of bringing in WWE people to sort of create a buzz that didn't sustain. But success is building a culture that is distinctly your own, with your own identifiable signature. If everything you do doesn't feed into that, you are making a big mistake that history shows does not work."

The current Hardys program:

"So maybe like super hero movies, we get the Hardys as the center of the universe and start to use them to sort of branch off in other directions. We are making it up as we go along and that is sort of the fun part. It's really exciting because we are hopefully writing a sort of new golden dawn in terms of how wrestling can be presented on television, and I think that's fantastic."

CM Punk coming to TNA to wrestle or work creative:

"I hope that someone who is so gifted comes back to professional wrestling if he wants to be there. So of course I would just love to see him in a ring. If it's our ring, even better. Even if he just wanted to be involved, I would love to have that conversation with him."

Check out the full interview with Corgan at this link.

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