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September 29, 2016

Billy Corgan Says There is a “Gunfight” Over Who Will Get Control of TNA, Confirms Vince Wants to Buy TNA

TNA President Billy Corgan was today’s guest on ESPN Radio’s Dan Le Batard Show, and the following are more highlights from Corgan addressing the current TNA sale situation.

Corgan said the current TNA situation is complicated because pro wrestling is struggling with revenue, and a pro wrestling show will typically generate much lower revenue than a show with similar, or even lower ratings. Corgan added not only is there a money struggle within TNA right now, but there is also a creative struggle.

Corgan confirmed Vince McMahon’s interest in buying TNA, but he said as of right now Vince has not purchased the company and Corgan would be the first person to know since he has a stake in TNA.

When asked about his pro wrestling philosophy, and how he would create a unique wrestling product compared to WWE, Corgan admitted WWE has really been the only wrestling company with a winning philosophy.

Corgan thinks he could create a different type of product with TNA, but there are obstacles in the way as others in the company have a completely different vision for how TNA and Impact Wrestling should be presented. Corgan also stressed the importance of consistent capital for TNA, which is something he said the company has not had in a long time.

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