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September 8, 2016

Billy Corgan Says That He Is 'Actively Involved' In Trying To Buy TNA, Talks TNA Creative Reports

As noted, tonight's episode of TNA Impact Wrestling will feature an "evolutionary announcement" from Billy Corgan.

Corgan hyped tonight's Impact on Facebook and said that he is now President of TNA, and that it is not just a storyline position but that it's real. He noted that their business "has been pretty complicated" over the past several years and that sorting some of it out has "definitely been a challenge."

Corgan also discussed reports that the TNA creative team is mostly run by John Gaburick with David Lagana and Matt Conway as the writers. Corgan said that he is running the creative department, and that everything that is on TNA television is his responsibility. He said that the creative team is Madison Rayne, John Gaburick, David Lagana and Matt Conway. He said that it has been the team for a while, with the only difference being that he is now in charge of it.

Corgan added that the source behind the story about the creative team also once said that he couldn't afford to buy the company. Corgan said it was funny because he is "actively engaged" in trying to buy the company. He said that it doesn't mean that he will buy the company, but he is trying to. He called it a complicated process that he hopes to pull off and that he not only wants to run the culture of the company, but the company itself.

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