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October 6, 2016

Alberto Del Rio Now Alleging He and Paige Were Attacked by a “Drunken Homeless Man”, Latest News on What San Antonio Police Are Reporting

In the continuing story of Alberto Del Rio allegedly being stabbed in San Antonio, the latest twist to the story involves Del Rio’s real life girlfriend and WWE Superstar Paige. Dave Meltzer from the Wrestling Observer also claims to have had a story involving her in the incident relayed to him. The report notes that Del Rio and the man went to the ground while the man was still stabbing at Del Rio. At that point Paige got involved in the altercation and was thrown by the suspect. Del Rio then went to check on her and that’s when the knife wielding attacker took off in his car.

The Record in Mexico spoke with Del Rio following the incident, and Del Rio claims he and Paige were actually attacked by a “drunken homeless man” in the parking lot of a restaurant. While the rest of the story is in line with other reports, the couple claims the man left on foot when Del Rio went to check on Paige after she was assaulted.

As we reported yesterday, Pro Wrestling Sheet editor Ryan Satin says he had spoken with San Antonio police since the alleged assault took place, and was told “they had no stabbing incidents” in the area “all weekend”. PWInsider is reporting that the San Antonio Police Department has just one stabbing in their jurisdiction on October 2nd and Del Rio is not listed as the victim. It should be noted there are several smaller municipalities within the city that are not in their jurisdiction, plus the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office.

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