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October 7, 2016

Mojo Rawley Says Top NFL Player 'Is Dying' To Wrestle

WWE Superstars 'The Hype Bros' Mojo Rawley and Zack Ryder recently sat down for an interview earlier this week to promote SmackDown Live in San Diego. In the interview Rawley discusses his relationship with NFL tight end for the New England Patriots Rob Gronkowski, Ryder discusses winning the Intercontinental Championship at Wrestlemania last year, and taking a picture with Scott Hall holding his title. You can check out some highlights here:

Rawley on Rob Gronkowski possibly stepping into the WWE ring:

"The main man Robbie G. Well I played college football with a couple of his brothers, his older brothers Dan and Chris, we all kind of grew up together. We all came up together, we've all been on the grind for a very long time. Trust me we've had that conversation many times and he's dying to get in the ring. I can tell you it won't be while he's in season."

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