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October 8, 2016

WWE Looking To Add ROH And TNA To The WWE Network And Allow Fans To Vote For WWE Hall Of Fame?

WWE sent out an interesting survey about the WWE Network, via Yahoo! News. They are looking at having a four tiered system, which would include a free tier. One of the more interesting items is that the fourth tier would have "access to independent wrestling such as TNA and Ring of Honor." Please note that this is just a survey, and nothing is official yet.

There have been reports of WWE purchasing TNA for their video library for a while now. Jim Ross talked about reports of WWE buying the TNA video library on the latest episode of The Ross Report earlier this week, and noted that WWE was interested in buying only the video library, and not the promotion.

"Right now we hear that WWE and TNA have had talks regarding WWE buying the library, and that that deal is imminent," Ross said.

Here are some interested items from the survey regarding the four tiers:

* A free tier system would allow you to watch all video clips (less than 5 minutes each), 5 hours of video archives (including live events 30 days after they air), and you would be able to watch it on all devices.

* For the second tier $4.99 / month plan, you would be able to get the "Big Four" pay-per-view events (WrestleMania, Royal Rumble, Survivor Series and SummerSlam) and pre-recorded weekly NXT episodes. It would only play on phone and tablet devices.

* They noted that there would be "new weekly Cruiserweight Classic" episodes on the third tier ($9.99 / month) and top tier ($14.99 / month).

* For the top tier at $14.99 / month, you would receive early event ticket access, Hall of Fame voting, offline content downloads and small group online chats. There will also be "Deluxe Fan Perks" like second screen content and invites to in-person VIP meet-ups. The top tier is also the only plan to feature no commercials.

At the bottom of the survey it asks, "If there plans were truly available, would you subscribe to the one selected above?"

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