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October 23, 2016

Bankdirect Capital Finance, LLC Files Lawsuit Against TNA

Yes, another ONE has emerged out of nowhere. This one has been filed in Cook County, Illinois for late charges, interest and attorney fees.

This lawsuit is for $207,612.29 and it was filed against TNA Entertainment, LLC on 9/29. BankDirect paid TNA $400,146.00 so that TNA could pay insurance premiums. An agreement was made for TNA to give money back to BankDirect, but they are still $207,612.29 behind on paying them back. TNA was supposed to make ten monthly payments of $41,032.45. The new lawsuit was first reported by Dave Meltzer over on The Wrestling Observer.

TNA has lawsuits filed by the following companies:

Audience Of One production company – $223,000 plus interest and post-judgment costs
Billy Corgan – most of the lawsuit details are sealed
Bischoff-Hervey Entertainment – $114,500.02
American Express Travel Related Services Company – $269,040.50

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