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October 23, 2016

Billy Corgan Wants Details On TNA And WWE Sale Negotiations

Documents obtained by Pro Wrestling Sheet pertaining to Billy Corgan‘s lawsuit against TNA Wrestling reveal he is pursuing all correspondence that the company had with WWE about a potential buyout dating back to January 2016.

The lawsuit reads that Corgan's legal team want to see “all documents sent or received from WWE or any of its representatives from January 1, 2016 to present.”

Corgan wants TNA to admit they have to default on a loan which they were suppose to pay him back in June. This would allow Corgan more control over the company including firing top executives and installing his own team.

As reported by PWInsider, Corgan wants the company to admit that they can’t pay their debts. Carter and Impact Ventures, however, have both filed responses saying they’re not insolvent.

Corgan has also requested that the location of TNA’s tape library be disclosed.

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