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October 15, 2016

Bill DeMott Speaks On Working With Triple H, Kevin Owens On RAW, Tough Enough

Former WWE performer and trainer Bill DeMott recently took part in an interview with PlanetaWrestling where he names his time working with Triple H in NXT as the greatest time in his career. DeMott feels that working with the talent in NXT was his greatest accomplishment.

“There is no denying what [Triple H] and NXT are doing is successful,” DeMott said

Demott was a trainer for the third season of WWE’s Tough Enough reality show back in 2002, and ended up landing head trainer positions at several developmental territories. DeMott was a trainer on Tough Enough during the seasons that brought us John Morrison, The Miz, and Ryback.

“I was so grateful for the first opportunity to coach on Tough Enough, it turned into the biggest part of my career and I was part of the most successful shows WWE ever did,” DeMott said. “I am truly proud of everyone that competed, because win or lose I spent every day with them and know what they went through.”

DeMott was the head coach of NXT while Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, and Neville were all there, and says they are changing the face of the industry now on the WWE roster. He says he’s particularly proud of those three, and gets a “nervous energy” when he sees how well they’re doing on TV.

DeMott resigned from WWE in March of 2015 following accusations of misconduct and abuse by several ex-trainees. DeMott denies the allegations.

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