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October 4, 2016

Dixie Carter Holds Talent Meeting at TNA Tapings Last Night, Addresses WWE Wanting to Buy TNA, Late Pay Issues, TNA Power Struggle & More

According to PWInsider.com, TNA Chairman Dixie Carter held a talent meeting backstage at last night’s TNA Impact Wrestling tapings. During the meeting, Carter took questions from the talents, and addressed a number of current issues.

One of the questions asked by talents regarded late pay, and Carter explained that sometimes pay is late because TNA is waiting on money owed to the company so that they can pay out the talents.

On reports of WWE potentially purchasing TNA, Carter acknowledged WWE wanted to purchase the company, but she said she would not let that happen. She added the TNA tape library is still under TNA ownership.

Carter also reaffirmed that she is still the majority share holder in TNA, but she did say there has been some “in-fighting” and power struggle amongst company owners.

With regards to Bound for Glory, Carter admitted the company “scrambled” leading up to the PPV, but said the PPV was never “not going to happen.”

Overall, Carter reportedly acted surprised that people in TNA were so “up in arms” about the status of the company, but she did apologize if there has been concern or worry on behalf of talents and employees. At the end of the day, the general feeling in the locker room is that while there remains concern regarding the future of the company, there was respect for Carter stepping up and addressing the locker room.

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