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October 4, 2016

Major Update Regarding Ongoing Concussion Lawsuit Against WWE

Last night in New Haven, Connecticut, Judge Vanessa L. Bryant of the United States District Court for the District of Connecticut ordered that the most recent concussion lawsuit filed against WWE, Laurinaitis v. WWE - which features Road Warrior Animal as the lead plaintiff and also has over 50 former talent on board - must be consolidated with all other existing lawsuits against the company.

The only two plaintiffs that are left in the existing lawsuit are Evan Singleton and Vito LoGrasso, and the case is officially known as McCullough v. WWE back from when it was consolidated with the lawsuit previously filed by Russ McCullough that has since been dismissed.

Additionally, WWE is also seeking to have the WWE Network royalties lawsuit filed by Marcus "Buff" Bagwell and Scott "Raven" Levy consolidated with the other lawsuits as well since, in addition to head injuries, the Laurinaitis v. WWE lawsuit also addresses royalties and legality issues regarding WWE contracts.

This is being seen as a big victory for WWE, and the company also had a similar victory last week as well when an appellate court ruled that appeals from plaintiffs regarding some of the dismissed lawsuits wouldn't be able to proceed until Judge Bryant issued a ruling on issues in the consolidated cases.

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