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October 18, 2016

Goldberg Returns To WWE On Raw And Accepts Brock Lesnar's Challenge

On Monday night's edition of WWE Raw, Goldberg made his first appearance on WWE programming in 12 years to officially accept the challenge for a match laid out by Brock Lesnar that was delivered through Paul Heyman on last week's broadcast.

It was not announced when the match would officially take place; however, it has been heavily rumored that it may take place at November's Survivor Series event.

During the segment, Goldberg stated that he first started to think that after the drama that was created through his ongoing promotion of the WWE 2K17 video game, he should probably leave everything alone involving Lesnar, but then thought that after Lesnar's challenge, he may just have one more match, Spear, and Jackhammer left in him. He then said that Lesnar would not only be "next," but he would also be "last."

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