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October 14, 2016

Tennessee State Reportedly Files Lien Against TNA For Unpaid Business Taxes, Further Filings List TNA in $3.4 Million Indebtedness

According to The Tennessean, The Tennessee Department of Revenue filed a lien against TNA Wrestling last month for unpaid business taxes. The lien against TNA’s holdings was filed with the Davidson County Register of Deeds on September 8th.

Furthermore, the report notes Anthem Sports and Entertainment, MCC Acquisitions and Aroluxe Media, have all filed similar statements listing TNA as a debtor. Those three filings combined to list $3.4 million in maximum indebtedness owed to the three firms by TNA.

As we noted earlier this week, TNA President Billy Corgan has filed a separate lawsuit against TNA, Dixie Carter and TNA Executive Dean Broadhead, and a temporary restraining order was approved. A hearing for a temporary injunction has been scheduled for Thursday, October 20th at 11:30am local time, and Corgan has requested a six-person jury to decide the case.

Filings for the lawsuit have been sealed until further notice.

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