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October 13, 2016

Stephanie McMahon is featured in Variety's "Power of Women" Report

As seen below, Stephanie McMahon is featured in Variety's "Power of Women" report. They wrote the following on her:

As a member of the first family of Wrestling — she is the daughter of chairman & CEO Vince McMahon — one would expect showmanship to be in McMahon's blood. But it was her business savvy that made her a true superstar for WWE. The exec credits her experience with WWE as a valuable teaching tool for her success behind the desk.

"Live television, in front of an arena filled with thousands of people teaches you a lot about psychology, poise, and thinking on your feet," she says.

McMahon went on to head WWE's creative writing team. Now as the WWE's first-ever chief brand officer, McMahon is a key figure for the organization, a global brand ambassador and spokesperson who builds partnerships and growth opportunities for the group. "[I became] responsible for generating awareness and positive brand perception for WWE," she says. "In this role I have the ability to contribute in a bigger way than I ever have before; educating consumers and the marketplace on the true value of fulfilling our mission of putting smiles on people's faces." In addition to her pivotal role within the WWE, McMahon, along with husband Triple H, helped create Connor's Cure, a campaign designed to fund pediatric cancer research named for an 8-year-old fan who died of medulloblastoma cancer. The effort leverages the popularity of the WWE by using its audience to raise awareness. "Connor's Cure began at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh, where Connor was treated, and we have now expanded our efforts nationally by partnering with The V Foundation. To date, we have raised more than $1 million and helped more than 100 families."

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