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November 8, 2016

Rumor Mill - Sin Cara Has Been Ordered To Go Through Anger Management Courses

There's not going to be a major fallout with this fight that had happened, but Sin Cara has been ordered to take anger management courses. Dave Meltzer has given some details and clarification on what actually happened on the WWE bus in Europe on Sunday.

Sin Cara was making some sort of noises on the bus and others were telling him to shut up. Afterward, Jericho told him to shut up and that’s when Sin Cara told him to “f*ck off.” Sin Cara took a swing and missed and that’s when everyone jumped in to break it up.

Despite reports spreading around, Sin Cara did not end up hitting Jericho’s face, and Jericho was not knocked out. Sin Cara’s fist got close to Jericho’s mouth during the pull apart so that’s when Jericho had bitten his hand.

This so far marks 3 different fights Sin Cara has went through.. He was in a fight with Sheamus a few years ago backstage at a show and he was also involved in a fight with Simon Gotch in July backstage near catering before a Smackdown show. There were people that thought that Sin Cara would end up being fired after the fight with Gotch. Dave Meltzer has noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that Sin Cara is being ordered to go to anger management.

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