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January 5, 2017

Jeff Jarrett Confirms He is Returning TNA, Reveals His New Role in the Company and Says It’s a “Great Opportunity for GFW”

Jeff Jarrett and his wife Karen Jarrett will be backstage with TNA at the TV tapings this week, and are returning to the company.

According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, Jarrett’s new role in TNA will be as an Executive Consultant. Jarrett is reportedly already at the Impact Zone and working on the show.

Dutch Mantell, fka Zeb Colter in WWE, is also returning to TNA as a creative consultant.

Jarrett returning to TNA will not affect his Global Force Wrestling promotion, and in a statement released to Pro Wrestling Sheet, Jarrett said his return to TNA “is a great opportunity for myself and GFW. And, I feel it’s great for the wrestling business.”

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