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January 25, 2017

John Cena On Pabst Blue Ribbon And Pulling His T-Shirt, Working Relationship With WWE, His Brand

John Cena recently spoke with ESPN about the business side of WWE and sports. The full interview is at this link and below are highlights:

WWE owning the trademark to his name and that not being a "complete forfeiture" of his rights:

"I see it as a joint venture. They give me a platform to showcase my brand in nearly 200 countries across the universe. We've become a global cultural phenomenon where people all over the world receive our product and are instantaneously aware of our story lines."

"There's actually a ton of room for individuality and for personally pushing for expansion of what I can be. Dwayne (The Rock) was a pioneer in that space."

Pabst Blue Ribbon telling Cena on Twitter to cease & desist use of a t-shirt that looked like their logo last year:

"We were well within our rights in terms of parody necessary, but we quickly turned around and changed the design within hours. It was pretty much social media suicide for them. What's funny is the brewery ultimately realized our power and actively reached out to establish an open relationship."

Social media success and his ability to drown out the hate:

"I run a successful individual brand. A lot of people chant for me and a lot of people chant against me, but you can't argue with the analytics and the relevance that I have."

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