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January 26, 2017

Shawn Michaels Says His Role At WWE PC Is Not Clearly Defined

Ring Rust Radio had WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels on the show this week, who was promoting The Resurrection of Gavin Stone:

Triple H recently talked about his vision for you at the Performance Center being someone who can put the final polish on talent before they're called up to the main roster. What interests you most when it comes to working with the NXT talent and what are you hoping to accomplish in your role?

"That's something that right now is in the early stages. I think to your point, I think we will have a better idea as we get it more clearly defined about what it is. Finish and polish, that's kind of a vague and broad description. What does that mean exactly? At certain times when it's convenient people talk in the broad sense and then you wait until you can get down into the details to find out what it exactly is. If certain things could be taught, we would teach them and they would just do them. There are some things that can't be taught.

"So I am waiting right now for it to get more clearly defined on what the role is. I have enjoyed the times I have gone down there to the training facility. There is nothing more enjoyable then seeing a student in that beginning process and the hunger they have. That's what they are down there for, to learn and to grow. Once you get to Raw or the main roster, there is a sense that you are done, you made it, and that sense of accomplishment is there. The worst thing is that greatness never feels like it has arrived, that it's there. The greats like Michael Jordan and LeBron James and other people that reached that status can continue to grow and get better. Working with talents at the performance center level and the NXT level, they know they haven't arrived so they are very pliable and willing to take direction. I think once you go to that next level; it's a little more difficult to teach at that point and becomes less fun. That's what I enjoy about the performance level and NXT level. They are still aspiring to get somewhere so they are very open and receptive to information."

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