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January 10, 2018

Gabe Sapolsky To Sign WWE Deal Soon, Backstage News On His Role, The WWN - WWE Relationship

WWN Live's Gabe Sapolsky will be signing a contract with WWE soon, according to PWInsider. The former ROH booker will be working for WWE as a consultant.

Sapolsky has been working for WWE on a handshake agreement for several months, specifically helping out backstage at WWE NXT TV tapings. Sapolsky will continue working with WWN and EVOLVE as this is a continuation of the working relationship between WWE and WWN.

Triple H spoke about Sapolsky during a NXT conference call back in the summer of 2017. He said:

"I like Gabe. I like what he does. I think he's a smart guy that helps to get talent going in their careers. ... It's an opportunity. ... When I have an opportunity for him to be around us and learn from us and I can bring him in and see how his mind works, it's good for everybody.

"I want to work with guys or groups or organizations who are in the business of cultivating talent and not just putting on shows and not just putting on an event, selling some tickets and moving on. ... People that are interested in cultivating talent and helping to push their careers along and to move them along."


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