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January 10, 2018

Naomi On How She Developed Her 'Glow' Character

While Naomi has been on the main roster since January 2012, it wasn't until she embraced "The Glow" that she finally broke out in WWE. In an interview with TV Insider, Naomi talked about how the character came to be and more. Highlights from the interview are as follows:

Developing her character:

"I think that is why I struggled in the beginning, because I feel like I was put in storylines that weren't me.

"I did the heel stuff. When I first came to NXT, I was wearing the neon stuff. Then I got away from it and ended up being a Funkadactyl dancer, which was awesome. Then I ended up being with Tamina and Team B.A.D. Then I was with the Usos for a little while. I just felt like I needed an opportunity to be on my own. I knew that once I got that moment the 'Glow' was what I wanted to do. That's who I was. I really believe in the 'Glow' and live my life that way. It's about being positive inside and out, and being the best version of yourself possible. I really wanted to incorporate that into wrestling. That was my way of doing it."

Getting the character off the ground after Team B.A.D. split in May 2016:

"I went and had one of the many talks with Vince [McMahon]. I went to him with the idea and he was like, 'Well, we will give it a try.' It was an at a point where they weren't doing anything with me. Thanks to Vince and Triple H and Road Dogg, they really helped me get everything off the ground. It was rough trying to get the gear, trying to get the lighting. I just had to stay on them on that, because this is a machine. There is so much going on each day."

Getting the look right for television:

"We couldn't get it to translate right on TV. It looked cool. It glowed in person, but for some reason on TV, the glow in the dark fabric wouldn't translate on TV. I literally had to charge it backstage with the bright lights. Let it charge and go out. It was just too much. It wasn't going to work. Then we ended up doing the UV reactive stuff, which is where we are now. All of my gear has to be certain fabric that glows. Not all neon things glow. That was tricky, too.

"I would find all this stuff off of rave sites and trying everything. I would get to TV and the stuff wouldn't glow. I got it down now. I have a closet, a whole room of glow stuff that never made it on TV yet or didn't work. Money I've spent on all this stuff."


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