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September 25, 2018

Baron Corbin Discusses Triple H’s Success With NXT

Baron Corbin did an interview with Denver’s KS1075 and discussed Triple H’s impact on NXT:

On Triple H’s influence on NXT’s success: “He’s extremely hands on, and I think that plays in part of the success, with what Triple H has created. Just with the [WWE] Performance Center, and giving these guys the opportunity to be—Shawn Michaels is there now, that’s insane—it’s crazy that you’re given these opportunities in a place like that. The coaches and the quality of the facility; there’s seven rings, a weight room, training staff, rehabilitation for injuries, all of those things. You’re given every opportunity to succeed and Hunter is extremely hands on. He’s there at every NXT taping, every NXT live event, he helps guys grow. He’s one of the greatest there’s ever been, and he’s still going. He’s in touch with what’s going on. He’s competing next week in Australia [at WWE Super Show-Down] against The Undertaker, so you have a guy that’s still in the moment of everything WWE is doing, helping to mold the younger talent. It’s unbelievable.”


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