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September 29, 2018

Rumor Mill - More Details From The WWE And Impact Wrestling Meeting Last Week

Last week it was revealed that WWE and Impact Wrestling had a meeting at WWE headquarters in Connecticut. While details on what was discussed were practically non-existant last week (except that it wasn’t regarding a possible sale), we now have a few additional details thanks to a report from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscription required). First off, while several notable names weren’t present (such as Don Callis and WWE President Vince McMahon), it’s been confirmed that Paul Levesque met with Impact’s Ed Nordholm and Scott D’Amore.

It turns out that WWE reached out and requested the meeting, rather than vice-versa, which is what some outlets originally reported. What exactly went on during the meeting remains a mystery, but people from both sides have said that the two companies are no longer enemies as they were in the past. That leaves the door open for future collaborations, be them in-ring or licensing opportunities.


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