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January 9, 2019

All Elite Wrestling To Offer Wrestlers Lighter Schedules And Healthcare Packages

AEW President Tony Khan was interviewed during the Double Or Nothing Rally yesterday by WrestlingInc. and revealed how All Elite Wrestling will be different from other promotion in that they want their talent to work lighter scheduled and offer a healthcare package. 

“And also favorable schedules, and I don’t wanna run down guys with too many dates or too much time on the road, I feel really positive about what we’re doing in terms of taking care of the guys. We have great management and the guys we’re focusing it on, Cody and the Bucks, they are very, very hands on with the talent. And I’m sure, for us, the kind of people we’re bringing in, they’re gonna contribute to the company in a number of ways. And I think that, yeah, there is a package, a competition package and healthcare package that could be available.”


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