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January 9, 2019

CM Punk Wants Colt Cabana's Lawsuit Dismissed

CM Punk has filed a motion to have the lawsuit filed against him by Colt Cabana dismissed. 

Cabana filed a lawsuit back in the summer of 2018 which claimed Punk promised he would be covered fully in terms of legal fees in the lawsuit filed by WWE's Chris Amann. Punk, however, demanded payment from Cabana for legal fees and resulted in Cabana ultimately having to hire his own attorney and suffered $200,000 in legal fees that Punk refused to pay.

Punk's legal team are claiming that Cabana has failed to use factual allegations in his lawsuit and "conclusory allegations" will not stand up legally in the state of Illinois.

Cabana’s lawyers have until January 25th to respond to the motion to dismiss, and Punk’s team would then have until February 9th to respond. A status conference is set for February 20th.


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