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May 30, 2019

Triple H Coments On His Recent Jabs At AEW, NXT Possibly Airing On FOX

During a TakeOver media call earlier today, Triple H was asked by Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman about NXT possibly being used by FOX.

"We're looking at everything," Triple H said. "There's a lot of interest in NXT as a brand and it's also very valuable to us on the Network. That's being vetted through here on every level to see what's the best outcome. We'll get there, but everyone will have to wait and see… As will I."

Hunter also discussed how the production of a TakeOver show compares to that of a Raw or SmackDown. He said that Raw and SmackDown are 2-3 hour shows so they are very different than TakeOver.

"When you talk about the TakeOvers, the simplicity of what we do is them in the ring letting them do what they do. This is the culmination and epic fight scene in the movie. The writing and build-up of characters and everything that goes into making that epic fight scene mean something is what takes place prior to that at those one-hour shows," stated Triple H.

"But there's a team. I'm part of that. Shawn [Michaels] is a part of that. We all contribute and work with talent and hopefully put on the best product we can."

NXT has become Triple H's baby over the years and he's put a lot of time into building up the brand and the TV show. He talked about the biggest lessons he's learned while doing NXT.

"I think as you start something, how do you make it have its own identity in and of itself? Not be a version of something and not be similar - have it be standalone. During the process, trying to adapt talent to all different styles and presentation without coming across as more of the same. That's been a learning curve for me and a unique experience to learn from these men and women as they come into the system. It's not about them all coming from the same place, whether indies wrestling or from another company, they've all had a different journey," said Triple H.

He then mentioned certain recruits who have no pro wrestling background sometimes come in, get the bug and end up being the most passionate performers.

"For me, the learning curve has been having that unique perspective from all of them. …It's been inspiring to me and it's one of my favorite parts about this," revealed Triple H.

As for the back and forth jabs with AEW, Triple H was asked why he brought them up at the Hall of Fame.

"At the Hall of Fame and with Billy there, there's this moment where if you don't say there's an elephant in the room, everyone goes, 'So why didn't you mention the elephant in the room?' It was nothing more than that, and with DX, if we don't do that, then we're not doing what we do," stated Triple H.

"I don't even really think about it to be honest. When it comes to this TakeOver, I just wanna put on the best product possible. I'm not focused or thinking about anyone else. I'm focused on this Saturday at TakeOver XXV."

Source: Wrestling Inc.


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