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May 30, 2019

Triple H On Tyler Breeze Back On NXT Roster, Creative Decisions When NXT Stars Join WWE Main Roster

In WWE as in life, sometimes things don't go as planned and adjustments are made. An example of that is someone in NXT being called up to the main roster because of necessity which then affects both NXT and whatever brand they join.

Triple H was asked by Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman about those creative decisions and also the possibility of the 24/7 or Women's Tag Titles being defended in NXT.

"It's definitely a possibility on both," Triple H said. "When Sasha and Bayley had the tag team championships, they talked about it. It's something I would love to have, but it really just comes down to scheduling. Trying to match the schedules up is the biggest problem. But who knows? You could see any of them at any time."

It was then brought up during the call that WWE likes to have a six-month plan for NXT talents when they get called up. But plans often go awry and Hunter talked about the creative decisions when talents leave NXT for Raw or SmackDown.

"Need and necessity," Hunter said on what causes their initial plans to change. "Would I like there to be that [plan]? Yeah, there's a lot of things I'd like there to be but that doesn't mean they happen. That is the goal to have a long-term plan of a build of somebody coming in. I can tell you that there are those now that we're looking at for six months to a year. Will that plan change and morph? Absolutely, but there is also a need."

He then mentioned injuries or something just not working out as causes for plans to change. That leads to Raw or SmackDown saying, 'Hey, we need this.'

Triple H also compared NXT talent to a Triple A baseball team in that players are there to develop, but then can be called up when the need arises.

Someone who went the opposite route and went from the main roster back to NXT was Tyler Breeze. Hunter was asked how he sees Breeze's status for the time being.

"For me, Tyler Breeze is in NXT right now," stated Triple H. "I'm thrilled to have him and think he's one of the greatest talents out there. In some way they've talked about it in the show, but sort of Velveteen Dream being the today's version of Tyler Breeze…this match to me has all the markings of being a sleeper than could steal the show."

Triple H was then asked what determines when someone like Breeze goes from the main roster to NXT.

"It's 'a feel.' There's somebody that's talented and with creatively they are in a holding pattern. If they have that talent and the desire to do it, then yeah, I'm wide open to using them. But it's a feel. What's enough? What's too much? You have to feel it out so you're not overexposing them then it becomes something the NXT is not. You have to have the right blend," Triple H said before adding that it's also a feel as to how long a talent like Breeze should stay in NXT.

"The ability for talent to morph in and out of that – go to Raw, go to SmackDown, come back to NXT. I think that just adds longevity to everyone."


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