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September 28, 2019

Rumor Mill - CM Punk/WWE FS1 Show Tryout

CM Punk was at FOX Studios earlier this week in Los Angeles for a possible on-screen role for WWE Backstage on FS1. The show is currently going to be co-hosted by Renee Young and Booker T, premiering on Tuesday, November 5 at 11 pm ET.

Punk reportedly did some on-camera testing, with Young present at the meeting. FOX has experimented with different versions of the show and how it will be presented, ranging from 3-5 personalities hosting a panel discussion. A final decision on the format had not been agreed on as of earlier this week.

In an update on this morning's Wrestling Observer Radio, the feeling is that Punk's tryout went well and he'll probably get an offer to join the show.

FOX will be taping the series each week, not WWE. Punk would technically be working for FOX and not WWE, if he signs on to be a part of the show. Dave Meltzer speculated that WWE may not want to put up a fight if FOX is interested in Punk, and that it also keeps him away from AEW.

In regards to AEW, Meltzer said he was told by AEW that they would never work with Punk after his interview with ESPN in July. In that interview, Punk was negative about AEW when asked about his relationship with the company. He reiterated previous comments on talking with AEW, but nothing coming from those talks. He also noted that AEW loves to talk about him a lot, and that they had made him an offer over text.


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