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September 30, 2019

CM Punk Claims That Colt Cabana Tried To "Extort" Him, Responds To Lawsuit Dismissal

As we previously reported, the legal issues between CM Punk and Colt Cabana were settled last Thursday. Punk and Cabana jointly filed for the case to be dismissed and there was reportedly no financial settlement involved.

In a series of tweets, Punk responded to the case being dismissed. When a user noted that "Colt Abides" while referencing the legal issues between the former friends, Punk responded, "Why'd he ask to settle then? I wanted it to go to trial! Play stupid games, win stupid prizes! Enjoy donating to the eventual 'woe is me' go fund me account."

Punk had filed the countersuit against Cabana this past June seeking $600,000 for general damages as well as interest and legal fees in response to Cabana's amended lawsuit filed in December of 2018. When the user suggested that Cabana settled the suit to move on with his life, Punk replied, "HE SUED ME. He wanted to end the dumb s--t HE started? I asked to speak to him, he declined. I asked to enter mediation, he declined. I offered money, IT WASNT ENOUGH! I never wanted ANY of it. He's as greedy as you are ignorant to who I am, and fooled by who he is."

Punk added that he loved Cabana and "would've done anything for him". He claims that he would have just given Cabana the money if he had asked him, however Cabana instead "tried to extort me."

"I loved the guy," Punk tweeted. "Would've done anything for him. And the irony is, if he just would've asked for the money, I'd have given it to him. Instead he tried to extort me."


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