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October 2, 2019

Triple H Reveals What Vince McMahon Thinks of WWE NXT

Triple H is at the helm when it comes to running NXT, but Vince McMahon is the man behind WWE and he still has a say in how NXT is run. 

In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Triple H revealed what Vince McMahon thinks of NXT and what he wants it to become. 

"Everything that happens within WWE has Vince’s fingerprints on it. There is no NXT without Vince. It wouldn’t exist without him. He wants NXT to be different, something for the more passionate fan base. It’s a darker, grittier feel, it’s different. He totally understands that. But he has no desire to be in the day-to-day operations. Vince has a lot of other things on his plate.”

“This is the next step in our growth. I don’t even think the word ‘developmental’ works for us anymore because we are WWE’s third touring brand. This is a place where talent can work their entire career, across the world with NXT UK and soon other places, too, and have a long-lasting, meaningful career in a global brand."

Source: SI.com


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