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October 9, 2019

Big Show Is Getting His Own Reality TV Travel Series

Veteran WWE Superstar Big Show has signed on for his second TV show.

Show will be getting his own travel reality TV series, titled "Big Show vs. The World: A Giant Abroad," from WWE Studios and ITV America's Thinkfactory Media, according to The Wrap.

"Big Show vs. The World: A Giant Abroad" is currently in the development phase ad is being shopped to top broadcast and cable TV networks, and streaming platforms.

Below is the official synopsis for the new series, provided to Wrestling Inc.:

"Through his extensive world travels with WWE, Big Show has collected a lifetime of unusual stories filled with unexplained natural occurrences, local enigmas and fascinating people. "Big Show vs. The World: A Giant Abroad" will follow the larger-than-life WWE Superstar as he travels back to these locations and indulges his lifelong passion for exploring the strange and unknown.

Each self-contained episode will feature Big Show venturing to a new exotic area, where he'll team up with a local guide and dive head first into a native mystery or legend. Navigating the difficulty of travel (at seven feet tall) and the extreme, sometimes awkward situations he encounters with his signature self-deprecating sense of humor, Big Show will do whatever it takes to unearth every quirky and shocking detail during his adventures into the bizarre."


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