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January 15, 2020

Paige Speaks Out Regarding Triple H's Inappropriate Joke; Hunter Apologizes

WWE star Paige spoke with Sportskeeda regarding comments that Triple H made earlier this week at her expense.

During a media scrum in the U.K. to promote last week's NXT U.K. Takeover event, Triple H joked, "You know, Edge has kids, Paige... maybe, she probably has some she doesn't know of."

Paige, who has stated in the past that she is unable to have children, said the joke took her by surprise. Paide admitted that she's confused why someone she's always had respectful encounters with would make a joke about something she believes was inappropriate.

"Obviously I was a little bit perplexed, a little bit taken aback, because he's someone that I truly look up to and he's always been very respectful, so I feel like he got caught up, maybe, in a joke, that I just don't think was appropriate to joke about," Paige said. "I don't know, I feel like it's something that I don't need to continually keep talking about because I feel like people have done a pretty good job of that."

Several stars have spoken out about the inappropriate comment, including Renee Young and The Bella Twins. Triple H has reached out to Paige since the incident. Paige says that she intends to speak to him about the matter.

"He's definitely reached out. We're going to be talking about some things," Paige said.

Triple H tweeted an apology:




This was blown out of proportion.

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