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March 20, 2020

ESPN To Air Classic WWE WrestleMania Events

ESPN is set to air classic WWE WrestleMania events to build to WrestleMania 36, according to Variety.

ESPN will air classic WrestleMania events over the next three Sundays, on their flagship cable network, and then on their mobile app.

The first showing will be this Sunday at 7pm ET as ESPN airs WrestleMania XXX from 2014.
Variety noted that this is the latest example of ESPN working to fill its schedule with "unorthodox content" in the wake of the nation's coronavirus pandemic, which has put a stop to many sporting events.

"This unique opportunity is a byproduct of the terrific working relationship we've enjoyed with WWE over the years and the unprecedented circumstances we all find ourselves in," said Burke Magnus, ESPN's Executive Vice President of Programming. "WrestleMania is one of the most popular global events in sports and entertainment and the spectacular content it provides will be a treat for fans."


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