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August 6, 2022

Eric Bischoff Gives His Thoughts On Triple H Taking Charge Of WWE Creative

Eric Bischoff discussed Triple H taking lead of WWE creative during a recent appearance on the Out of Character with Ryan Satin podcast:

“Here’s what I’m excited about. I’m very, very optimistic. Now, I’m not tight with Triple H. We get along, we can be together in a room and it can be very pleasant and borderline fun, but we don’t hang. He doesn’t drink anyway, but if he did, we wouldn’t go out for drinks. None of that, we don’t chat. So, I don’t know him personally. But I did get a chance, for a very, very brief period of time – four months back in 2019 – get a chance to work with him. Here’s what I think – I think Stephanie has been the creative under Vince, I think Triple H has been the head of creative under Vince. I think both of them know, as phenomenal of a process as Vince McMahon’s process was and what it achieved over the last couple of decades – the fact that it’s a five-billon dollar market cap company with a global footprint speaks to Vince McMahon’s process. If I’m right, there is a whole lot of talented people I did get to work with a lot for a short period of time that I have nothing but admiration for. So, at the same time, you have a new regime, although it came up within the mentorship of one Vince McMahon. That’s a great thing, by the way, but they also see that things have to change.”


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